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2015 Copy Print


       Rail Canada Vol. 2

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Rail Canada vol. 2 (Second Impression 1984) COPY file 2015

A 144 page photo and graphic illustration book on pre 1977 Diesel Locomotives operated by many of the smaller railroads in Canada plus some updates on volume 1.

A listing of the various railways covered can be found on the contents page.

This was the first book to use the familiar CAD drawing format that all the LPD books now have.

Other data sources from LPD

A more in depth review of CN diesel paint schemes prior to 1983 can be found in Rail Canada vol.1. For the period 1983 - 1996 see Rail America vol.1.

VIA Rail motive power is also covered in Rail Canada vol.4, while the PGE/BCR, CNR, CPR and VIA Rail RDC cars are included in Rail Canada vol.5.   For data on the early PGE/BCR painting diagrams see Rail Canada mini 2.1 or The 100 Aniversary book


Author: Donald C. Lewis