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Rail Canada vol, 1 1983 Cover
Rail Canada vol. 1

Rail America vol. 1
Rail America vol. 1

Diesel Data book 1965/67 era
Diesel Data Book 1965/67

CN Diesel Data 1973
Diesel Data Book 1973

Contents of Rail Canada vol. 1                 
Rail Canada vol. 1
Rail Canada vol. 1 (5th Edition)

A 144 page photo and graphic illustration book on Canadian National's diesel locomotive fleet including all time painting information up to 1983. Locomotive details are shown where they affect paint work and lettering. Includes Newfoundland narrow gauge motive power. The material from the original printing has been rearranged and many new photos inserted.

For information on CN motive power for the period 1983 - 1996 see Rail America vol.1

For drawings and photos of the diesel locomotives operated on the GTW System see our Rail America vol.1, the drawings that were originally found in the first printing of this book were redrawn for that book


Data Companion:    CN Diesel Data Books

CN Diesel Data book for the 1965/67 era

The ideal companion book for CN modelers using Rail Canada vol. 1 for the period 1965-1967, or for modelers using Rail America vol. 1 for GTW, GT (Eastern Lines) CV. DW&P from the same period. 

CN Diesel Data Book for the 1973 and beyond era

Data sheets for locomotives purchased or operating up to the 1973 period


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