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Paint Diagram Books

Rail Canada Mini 2.1 Cover
Rail Canada
Mini Book 2.1

Rail Canada Mini Book 2.2 Cover
Rail Canada
Mini Book 2.2

PGE-BCR 100 Years Cover
Anniversary Hard Cover Book
      PGE / BCR Diesel Data         


The ideal companion book for PGE/BCR modelers using our books shown on the left side of this page.                         

                PGE-BCR Diesel Data Cover            PGE-BCR Diesel Data Page 05          PGE-BCR Diesel Data Page 87

               PGE/BCR DD Cover                  Page 05                       Page 87

LPD is collecting photos and data to create these pages as none were created by the railway's engineering group, but they did provide considerable manufacturers data on the many pieces of motive power aquired over the years before the CN takeover in 2004

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