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CD ROM   Photo Series

CN Disk 1 Cover
CN CD Disk 1

Slide one 4x3 format
CN Slide 1 Disk 1

Myra Canyon Explorer CD Cover
Myra Canyon Case Cover

Steam Disk 1 Cover
CP CD Disk 1

CP Slide 1 Slide 1 Dsk 1

CP Disk 2 Cover
CP CD Disk 2
Rail Canada vol.1 CD Series
As a companion  to their Rail Canada books LPD began this series of photo CD PowerPoint presentations. Initially there is Rail Canada vol. 1. A group of four individual CDs is based on the paint schemes found in Rail Canada vol. 1 and Rail America vol.1.
Disk One - The Green Paint Schemes - 4x3 Std screen Format
This disk is divided into two parts.
1st part covers locomotives from 1938 until the major renumbering in 1954.
2nd part covers locomotives from 1954 until the 1961 introduction of the Grey
The disk contains over 500 slide pages
Disk Two - The first 'Grey and Black' Paint Scheme
Disk Three - The introduction of the Road Freight Stripes
Disk Four - The CN North America Schemes


A CD ROM that is of particular interest to mountain country modellers, and those interested in cycling or walking portions of the former CPR Carmi subdivision, in particular the Myra Canyon area with it's trestles, steel bridges and tunnels.
Available in two formats
1, Interactive Hyperlink layout and self running Slide Show
2, Self running slide show

Steam in Canada vol.1 Companion CDs
LPD's Steam in Canada forms the basis for two individual CDs, the first disk covers 4-4-0s to the 4-8-4s. -
16x9 Wide screen format

Disk One Contains over 190 interactive slides in hypertext

The second CD-ROM in production will cover 0-6-0 switchers through the 2-10-4 Selkirks and 2-0-2 Shays. -
16x9 Wide screen format

Disk Two Contains over 200 interactive slides in hypertext


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