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About LPD


LPD Publishing was created in 1978 by Launch Pad Distributors Ltd. to handle the preparation, publication and distribution of the Rail Canada series of books created by one of it's shareholders, Don Lewis.

Launch Pad was originally the Canadian distributor of Model Rockets manufactured by Centuri Industries and, after a number of years trying to change the then stringent government regulations, LPD decided there were other things to do in this world. The regulations were eventually changed but to someone else's benefit.

As you can see from the above, there has always been a model bent to the company. While the books originally were intended as a tool for model railroaders they have in fact become an information resource sold over the world to modellers, rail buffs and train enthusiasts.

LPD published books have been found in book stores and hobby shops from Tokyo to Paris and London to Sidney and most places in between.

Located in Winfield, B.C. in the Western mountains of Canada, LPD will continue to produce, as well as reprint locomotive information books so long as there is a demand for the material presented.  

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